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06-24-2013, 08:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
The same people will be saying Nystrom is a 3rd liner this year that were saying Pyatt was a 3rd liner after we signed him last year. I'm not saying they're the same players. I'm saying people forget what a 3rd liner actually should be.
Nystrom is a 4th liner. However the Rangers finished 1st 2 years ago with Fedotenko and Prust on the 3rd line.

Originally Posted by SA16 View Post
We have enough guys who can't score as it is on the bottom lines we don't need more. There's no rule that's says your third line must be made up of grinders incapable of scoring more than 30 pts. We already have Dorset Boyle Pyatt powe etc who all provide minimal bottom line offense. Asham also
Nystrom can't score? He had 16 goals last year. 7 goals and 11 points in 48 games this year. Great PKer.

Asham had 2 goals and 2 points in 27 games.

Pyatt had 6 goals and 11 points. Provides nothing in terms of PKing or PP. Got a lot of playing time.

Powe had 0 goals and 0 points in 42 games this season. 0.

How is he not an upgrade?

Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
Yeah he was 4th in Dallas TOI/PG amongst LWers.

Sound a lot similar to the Pyatt signing, where a lot were misinformed that he was a solid 3rd line player when he averaged 4th line mins in Phoenix.
Nystrom would be brought in to play similar minutes to Boyle. 4th line ES time. Tons of PK time. Call him whatever you want. 3rd liner. 4th liner. He is effective in his role.

Originally Posted by Vigneault13 View Post
who do we currently have? Mashinter? Newbury? They are nowhere near the level of those UFAs. We have nobody in Hartford that would make a great 4th line grinder.

We need to sign some of these guys.
Haley is an option.

Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
Nystrom is worse offensively than Boyle, yet we are going to expect 20-30 points a year from a guy that has hit 20+ points ONE TIME IN HIS CAREER?

Nystrom and his 10-20 points would make for a very good 4th liner.

20-30 points?
21 points in 74 games last year. 11 in 48 this year. I would say 15-25 points is reasonable. For a 4th liner. That's A LOT.

Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
Bickell is just one more guy in a long line of players that weren't much as every day players that had a good PO run.

3rd liner at best.
Agreed. He will be severely overpaid.

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