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06-24-2013, 09:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Vigneault13 View Post
5th overall pick gives us an excellent prospect. Murphy gives us a young scoring defenseman similar to Mike Green. Staal's vision will never be the same, and has concussion issues. We also lower the cap hit.

And Staal was never top 3-5 defenseman in the league, not even close, but he has been one of the most overrated players in NHL.
Reading comprehension buddy. With him healthy I said we have a top 3-5 defense in the LEAGUE.

Murphy will not be a Mike Green IMO. We are in a win now mode. That is a trade you make when you are rebuilding.

With respect to Staals vision, it may never be 100% but most things aren't after injuries. Should we trade every player who ever has ever had some sort of significant injury? Also, IIRC it was said in an article that his vision will be about 90-95% of what is was.

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