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Originally Posted by IceFlyersRule View Post
Please enlighten me how the ''sorta pro hockey league'' is bad hockey? im all ears. have you ever even been to an SPHL game?
I've been to plenty of SPHL games.

First of all, there's a severe talent gap in the league. Of the ten forwards dressed for a team in a given game, only the top line has any real skill. The next seven are severely flawed players - either they are bad skaters, bad passers, have bad hands, are one-dimensional, are physically weak or too small, or don't backcheck. The same goes for defenseman - a top defenseman in the SPHL is miles away from the guy taking the next shift on the blueline. The goaltending can be decent, but really, there aren't many goalies in the SPHL that are going to be anything more than an emergency back-up at a higher level. Basically, the SPHL is a league for the underdeveloped, the problem children (Mike Brown anyone?), and the hangers-on.

On the business side, the league is controlled by two owners who have basically rigged the league over the past five seasons. Several of the teams are incompetently run and propped up by other owners to keep the league alive.

It's bad on the ice and it's bad on the balance sheet.

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