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I haven't made any changes, just updated the things that changed...
Jame Offseason Plan v1.0
5 Most important steps in the plan

1.) Sign a head coach with experience working through a rebuild and developing players

2.) Find a suitable trade destination for Miller

3.) Sign appropriate players to augment the roster. Acquire players that allow your youth to develop at the proper pace (dependent on the player). Do NOT force the youth movement.

4.) Do not make any "Leino" signings. No quick fixes. Commit to the long term plan.

5.) Extensions. Work on short term extension for Vanek (1-2 yrs), do NOT sign long term extension. Work on long term extension for Ott (3-4 yrs)

1. Head Coach: Tom Renney

He built the Rangers prospect system that's been feeding Sather's stupidity for years. He comes from the player development side of the game, and that is a perfect fit for our current rebuild. He currently works in a system we've been trying and failing at implementing for years (associate coach with Detroit). He has experience working with a rebulding team (Edmonton). And there is the whole Gare/Family connection, and we know how big Terry is on family

2. Ryan Miller to Phoenix for David Rundblad

- Ryan Miller's personality needs to go
- Phoenix likely does not want to pay Mike Smith the long term, big dollar contract he may command as an UFA
- Miller gives them a bridge contract, and likely behind that defense/system, gets them back to the playoffs for extra revenue, which is really all that matters out in the desert
- For Miller, he gets to play behind a team that makes Bryzgalov and Smith Vezina candidates... not to shabby for the year before going onto the free agent market for the first time. Miller will hit free agency with incredible numbers.
- For what it's worth.... Phoenix is pretty close to LA, relative to the rest of the NHL....(wife)
- Runblad is a blue chip prospect on the cusp of breaking into the NHL. He's a right handed defensemen who would fit right into the group of defensemen being developed right now (Myers, Pysyk, McNabb)
- Buffalo retains 20% of Miller's contract (1.25 mil)

3. Sign the following free agents

- Rob Scuderi - 3 yrs / 10 million / 3.333 cap
That's more than he makes today. 2 Cups.

- Bryan Bickell - 3 yrs / 7 million / 2.333 cap
Hard nosed player. 1 cup

- Anton Khudobin - 2 yrs / 4.0 million / 2.0 cap

- John Scott - 2 yrs / 1.9 million / .950 cap 1 yr / .750
He can play a regular 4th line shift. He's a great character guy.

3. Waive
- Put Gerbe on waivers. No one will claim him. He can be a vet in Rochester

3. RFA signings

- Cody Hodgson - 6 yrs / 30 million / 5.0 cap
(choosing to go the long term "belief" route, vs the short term "prove it" route)

- Mike Weber - 3 yrs / 6.75 / 2.25 cap

- Jhonas Enroth - 2 yrs / 3.5 / 1.75 cap 2 yrs / 2.5 / 1.25

- Bryan Flynn - 2 yrs / 3.0 / 1.5 cap
(1st year is 2 way, 2nd year 1 way)

3. Qualifying offers for:
Matt Hackett
Luke Adam
Corey Tropp
Nick Crawford

3. Let Walk :
Jacob Lagace
Drew Schiestel
(hehehe )


5. Extend Vanek and Ott

- Vanek 2 yr extension / 16 million / 8.0 cap (after 13-14 season)
Vanek has 3 more years to see if the Sabres can turn it around quickly. Verbal agreement that he can seek a trade during last year of deal.

NOTE : If Vanek is not receptive to this plan, he goes on the block at the trade deadline

- Ott 4 yr extension / 16 million / 4.0 cap (after 13-14 season)

2013-2014 roster (START of season)

My Custom Lineup
Thomas Vanek ($7.143m) / Cody Hodgson ($5.000m) / Drew Stafford ($4.000m)
Tyler Ennis ($2.813m) / Steve Ott ($2.950m) / Marcus Foligno ($0.900m)
Ville Leino ($4.500m) / Mikhail Grigorenko ($1.775m) / Bryan Bickell ($2.333m)
John Scott ($0.900m) / Kevin Porter ($0.538m) / Patrick Kaleta ($1.250m)
Corey Tropp ($0.578m)
Christian Ehrhoff ($4.000m) / Tyler Myers ($5.500m)
Mike Weber ($2.250m) / Andrej Sekera ($2.750m)
Rob Scuderi ($3.333m) / Mark Pysyk ($0.870m)
Chad Ruhwedel ($0.925m)
Anton Khudobin ($2.000m)
Jhonas Enroth ($1.750m)
Buried: Cody McCormick ($0.275m)
Buried: Nathan Gerbe ($0.525m)
RETAINED SALARY TRANSACTIONS (3.180% of upper limit)
Jason Pominville ($0.795mó0.2%) Ryan Miller ($1.250mó20.0%)
CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter)
(these totals are compiled with the bonus cushion)
SALARY CAP: $64,300,000; CAP PAYROLL: $62,101,357; BONUSES: $850,000
CAP SPACE (24-man roster): $3,048,643

Prospects in Rochester:
Forwards: Girgensons, Armia, Larsson, Flynn, Adam
Defense : McNabb, Rundblad, JGL, Crawford
Goalie : Hackett, Makarov

This is a transition Roster... the worst thing we can do is force the youth...

Future Outlook beyond 2014....aka the Dream '16 plan

Buyout : Leino (before start of 14-15 season, UNLESS he proves otherwise in 13-14)

Top Scoring Line : Thomas Vanek ($8.000m) / Cody Hodgson ($5.000m) / Joel Armia ($1.275m)
Other Options: Drew Stafford ($4.000m), Tyler Ennis ($4.500m), Mikhail Grigorenko ($1.775m)

Shutdown Line : Zemgus Girgensons ($1.400m) / Johan Larsson ($1.275m) / Steve Ott ($4.000m)
Other Options : Marcus Foligno ($1.275m), Daniel Catenacci ($0.900m), Justin Kea ($0.700m), Patrick Kaleta ($1.400m), Kevin Porter ($0.800m), Brian Flynn ($1.200m)

Ozone Line : Tyler Ennis ($4.500m) / Mikhail Grigorenko ($1.775m) / Bryan Bickell ($2.333m)
Other Options : Drew Stafford ($4.000m), Joel Armia ($1.275m), Marcus Foligno ($1.275m), Daniel Catenacci ($0.900m)

Energy Line : Daniel Catenacci ($0.900m) / Justin Kea ($0.700m) / Patrick Kaleta ($1.400m)
Other Options : Marcus Foligno ($1.275m), Zemgus Girgensons ($1.400m), Johan Larsson ($1.275m), Steve Ott ($4.000m)
Corey Tropp ($0.850m), John Scott ($0.900m), , Kevin Porter ($0.800m), Brian Flynn ($1.200m)

DEFENSE (options)
Minute Eaters : Christian Ehrhoff ($4.000m) / Tyler Myers ($5.500m)
Other Options : Andrej Sekera ($2.750m), Mark Pysyk ($1.750m)

Shutdown Pair : Mike Weber ($2.250m) / Andrej Sekera ($2.750m)
Other Options : Rob Scuderi ($3.333m), Tyler Myers ($5.500m), Chad Ruhwedel ($0.925m)

3rd Pair : Brayden McNabb ($1.250m) / Mark Pysyk ($1.750m)
Other Options : Rob Scuderi, ($3.333m) Chad Ruhwedel ($0.925m), David Rundblad, ($1.250m)

Anton Khudobin ($2.000m)
Jhonas Enroth ($1.750m)
Matt Hackett ($1.250m)
Andrey Makarov ($0.875m)

NOTE: None of the potential HIGH QUALITY prospects to be acquired in the upcoming draft(s) are accounted for

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