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Originally Posted by Protest View Post
The annoying thing is that it's not terribly difficult to rebuild on the fly, but I don't trust the GM to do it properly. They have Lee and Papelbon which should return them legitimate, just about big league ready prospects. They have Rollins who could get them something decent, and Young who could get them something minor. If Lannon pitches well over the next month or so they could move him for something minor as well.

This team could be on its way to competing again in about 2 seasons if they dismantled it properly, but I have a feeling they're going to hold on to everyone and sign another overpriced free agent. Or trade Lee off for more 3 years away pitching prospects.
The Lee trade was atrocious and I can't imagine Amaro doing better the second time around. He really is an awful GM. He has no concept of the future, overpays to get guys, signs guys who are too old. Really the whole operation is run like they are out for money rather than a good baseball team. They know a bunch of no names won't put people in the seats like Utley, Rollins, Howard, Lee, and Hamels. However, I still think that this team would've been fine if they filled the holes with young prospects, this team would've been fine. Of course, this team has none outside of Brown and they wouldn't bring him up until he started dominating in spring training.

Baseball is a business but you can be in a business to win and make money that way. The Phillies are just in a business to make money.

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