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06-24-2013, 12:08 PM
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Round 2, Vote 2 (HFNYR Top NYR Defensemen)

Before we begin, just a recap on how Round 2, Vote 2 will operate:

Round 2 Vote 2
  • The remaining 5 players from Round 2 Vote 1 will be combined with the next 5 ranked players from the aggregate list
  • Players will be listed in alphabetical order to avoid creating bias
  • Voters will rank their top 8 of the available defensemen
  • The top 5 vote getters will be added to the final list in order.

These might be tweaked to allow longer or shorter debating periods depending on how the process moves along.

Additionally, there are a couple guidelines we'd ask that everyone agree to abide by:
  • Please try to stay on-topic in the thread
  • Please remember that this is a debate on opinions and there is no right or wrong. Please try to avoid words like "stupid" "dumb" "wrong" "sophistry" etc. when debating.
  • Please treat other debaters with respect
  • Please don't be a wallflower. All eligible voters are VERY HIGHLY encouraged to be active participants in the debate.
  • Please maintain an open mind. The purpose of the debate is to convince others that your views are more valid. If nobody is willing to accept their opinions as flexible there really is no point in debating.

Eliglible Voters (7):
bernmeister, Chief, Crease, Greg02, mike14, Ratelleitlikeitis, Richter Scale

All posters are encouraged to participate in the debates and discussions, but only those listed above will be eligible for the final votes. Eligible voters submitted a ranked list of 20 defensemen before the deadline specified in the preliminary discussion thread.

Finanly, I want to say thank you for an excellent job with Round 2, Vote 1. The results are stickied. Comments are welcome. We are in the homestretch of this project.

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