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10-17-2006, 04:20 PM
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Wheel bags are fashionable...that's about it. No need for it unless your walking like half a mile carrying your stuff, or you enjoy packing more than one set of stuff in your bag. All that gear isn't that heavy, especially from parking lot to the locker room. Heck your a hockey palyer, suck it up, heheh. Idk if the price really warrants it either as wheel bags are double the price of a decent 'normal' bag. If you decide to skimp on a wheel bag, you might wind up with cruddy wheels or something too.

Only thing you really need is something that can fit all your stuff, and a hard bottom to the bag. Carrying it much easier when the bag doesn't sag and shift if you got the hard bottom. I personally use a NBH Small Car bag, got it for less than $15 online...only problem I've got is that there is no hard bottom, but I'll live. You mention side pockets, having one is nice to stick tape and stuff in there, but pockets just for skates arn't important, especially if you have skate covers so you can just toss everything in. Honestly, I rather spend $100 on a stick than abag

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