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06-24-2013, 03:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Digger12 View Post
Not that it'll make you feel better or anything, but last year if it had been a full season he was on pace for 65 points as a 23 year old.

Assuming he stays healthy and continues to produce at that level this upcoming season (and there's no reason to think that we shouldn't expect the new normal for him to be a 60+ point player from here on out), he'll have absolutely no problems getting a team to give him a contract that's north of 5M/yr as a UFA...especially with the current trend these past few seasons where the UFA pickings get slim once UFA season actually hits.
He was already flaming out spectacularly as last season wound down. He wasn't going to hit 60 points.

Lowetide and friends are guessing $5.2/year and folks are lining up to tweet "pay the man".

It might be time for me to grab an Eastern team to cheer for if 1-D here gets more than $5M/year. No way that any respectable team would give their 1-D 2C that.

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