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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I think the reason for the skepticism is for the reasons you just said. These guys don't have the resources that real scouts and beat writers have. I'm not trying to harsh on these guys or anything because like I said, I read THW and I wrote for a site similar to THW in college. The author may well be very well versed in hockey, but I am skeptical of his knowledge of a lot of these players. The guy probably knows more than me, I don't doubt that, but compared to others out there, I would question his credibility. I am not saying he is "wrong" or should not have posted this, I am just saying that I am not reading these rankings the same way I would read the ISS rankings. Always good to have another perspective on it, but this doesn't exactly hold a lot of weight.

Again, I am not trying to like hurt anyone's feelings or anything, but you are telling me that a guy writing a blog about hockey for THW ranking a guy like #74 Anton Slepyshev from the KHL has seen enough of him to actually make this a credible ranking? At least if it is someone like MacKenzie or someone from ISS or CSS or what have you, they have actually seen these guys play. Maybe the author of this post has seen these guys, but I am skeptical of that, I don't think it is unreasonable to be skeptical of that. These rankings should in no way be on the same level as other rankings.
In fairness to ISS and CSB, they also use a lot of video with regards to scouting. A lot of times, they have a scout already located in a place like Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan or some remote town on the outskirts of Helsinki and a lot of time, the scout there has access to video and the video is then forwarded to the rest of the scouts to view. So, if someone from THW has access to the video that CSB or ISS use, then yes, it's very possible that someone has watched just as much video as someone from CSB or ISS.

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