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01-07-2004, 01:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Corey
The Rangers thought Jessiman was good enough to select at #12. You have to watch movement in the rankings. Jessiman moved up a lot of notches as the draft neared, as did Shane Doan a number of years ago. Jessiman was a freshman with very little playing experience at any level but he kept getting better and better.
Yes Jessiman was an intriguing pick (which is why he was called Huge Speciman for so long) but if they picked him over Kastsitsyn, I bet in a few years, we'd be kicking ourselves for not picking a youngster named Andrei Kastsitsyn... Who has more speed, skill,feistiness, gamebreaking talent AND upside than Jessiman has ever been written as having. Heck, we're complaining about getting a guy at # 10 who was listed by a few sources as potentially being THE player picked in this draft to lead all others!

Stewart as I've mentioned was a good bargain at # 25, and it would have been nice if we pounced on a deal with Dud's... But to take Jessiman rather than AK is absurd, just as it's being proven that taking him over Parise is going to be as well.

These GM's who think that size is everything have been proven wrong constantly... Size will never win championships... skill WILL. I think we will get our powerforward SOMEDAY, but I certainly would not want a huge risk involved in getting him. I.E. having the highest pick in the draft to turn out a bust is always a shame... Because then you look below and see what you could have had... We've all seen it because as one poster has shown... 10 picks, 9 busts, and the only one success was a small guy.

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