Thread: Confirmed with Link: Scandella Two Year Extension [1.025M per year]
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06-24-2013, 04:12 PM
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Originally Posted by rynryn View Post
spurge definitely has the most trust from the coaching staff, so effectively he's it until someone outplays him.
And Gilbert hasn't shown that on any occasion when both players are in the line-up. That's why he's our #3RD.

Originally Posted by Victorious Secret View Post
definitely flummoxed at how Scandella got so much money.
Considering we could have 6M+ tied up on our 4th line next season, don't know how 1M is alot for anyone who's going to be on our roster. Also if Scandella finds his game consistently we've got ourselves a heck of a bargain for the next 2 seasons.

Originally Posted by thestonedkoala View Post
Uh, the fact he was the number 1 defenseman for Minnesota after being traded and did a solid job there is something he's done.
While he was fairly solid once paired with Scandella, those were fairly meaningless games, no one was afraid to make a mistake. Struggling in meaningful games down the stretch for us this year is a much better(and more recent) indication.

Originally Posted by thestonedkoala View Post
Spurge has shown just about the same as Scandella and Stoner has, which is a lot of potential but not all the pieces together. He is not going to get as much as guys like Niskanen. I could see around 1.5 but not much more than that.
Spurgeon's shown a heck of a lot more than either of them, evident by the fact that he's never a healthy scratch and hasn't been the card shuffled between Houston and the Wild. He's essentially been a top-3 d-man with the Wild since his debut, whether he'd be a #3 many other places is certainly debatable, but we showed this past year we could win with him as our #3.

Originally Posted by Sportsfan1 View Post
Can't replace the whole D this offseason, Wild desperetly need Scandella to be a force and the player he can be next to Spurgeon next year.
Its been key for a couple seasons now, but they've got to be more patient than they were last year with Marco. And give him the proper opportunity, which it appears they will(don't play him with Falk/Stoner).

Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Stoner just isn't consistent enough and doesn't bring enough to keep as a regular defenseman. At times he's a nice physical shutdown D and at times he seems like he's playing for the other team. His gap control is atrocious, essentially gives the other team free odd man rushes. Not much puck movement or offense, he's not as inept as some guys we've seen but to me he's just not someone you want to lean on at all. A #6/7 guy on a mediocre team but I don't think Stoner would crack the lineup on a team like Chicago or Boston.
Stoner's pretty similar to Sheldon Brookbank, who flip-flopped with Rozsival during the regular season. He's fine as a #6, just need to keep him out of the top-4, where he played pretty much the whole season.

However to keep Stoner out of the top-4 while protecting ourselves from Scandella struggling(and keeping Brodin with Suter), we need another quality D capable of playing the left side, and if Gilbert's still here that player would push Stoner to the pressbox. Another reason why Lydman is appealing to me(if we bought out Gilbert), he can play both sides and play a top-4 role.

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