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06-24-2013, 05:19 PM
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Originally Posted by blinds View Post
So for the near future it looks like our core forwards are pretty set. Hartnell, Giroux, Voracek, Schenn, Simmonds, Couturier, Read, Laughton, Talbot and Rinaldo is a good group to grow around. One or more could be moved in a trade for a 1/2D or a good goalie. The ones I could see moving are Read, Laughton, Couturier, and Hartnell in that order. But assuming they don't, what do you think our lines look like and what would be best?

A few things I've seen discussed a lot are whether Schenn should move to left wing so we can bump Couts up to 2C and let Laughton have 3C. Would Schenn be as effective at wing instead of center?

Also something I've seen some discussion about taking Voracek off of G's line. Even though Voracek is starting to shoot more, I think this could be a good move and that he's probably ready to anchor his own line. Right now between him and Giroux there seems to be too much pass-first mentality. Anyone agree, or should they be kept together?

Last thing I thought could be interesting is instead of moving Schenn to wing, what if they moved Giroux? With our logjam at center he could be on either Schenn or Cout's line. Honestly he's sort of regressed defensively since he got 1C responsibilities and overall he seems a little too small for center. On wing he just seemed more comfortable making plays, just look how effective he is at the halfboards on the powerplay. Also if he's moved to wing it could give him more opportunities to cherry-pick and G is one of the deadliest players in the NHL on breakaways/oddman rushes. The only issue is, as of right now at least, Both Couts and Schenn are horrendous on faceoffs while Giroux has been beastly. Faceoffs can be improved dramatically through practice, and its something both of them need to work on.

Just some thoughts, didn't think this topic really fit in with the overhaul thread since it wasn't about roster changes and wasn't about next year specifically. Sorry for the really long thread, just some things I've been thinking about this offseason. What do you guys think we could see moving forward as far as line combinations and who at what position?

One last thought: Do we need a new sniper to play with Giroux? We saw with Hartnell, who seems to have regressed/been figured out, what someone with a good shot can do with Giroux. Maybe it could eventually be one of Schenn/Couts/Voracek.
If Giroux was moved to wing he could take important face offs for a while schenn and couts develop part of their game. I know everyone is tired of hearing it but Ryan would be great on girouxs wing. If we could get him for coburn, read, plus next years first and if we had a viable coburn replacement it would be great


Or Ryan could be at left wing and move Laughton to wing and pair him with Couts for a great defensive line.


Coburn would need to be replaced. Maybe Sbisa could be had with Ryan? While he wouldn't be as good as coburn right now he could be in a year or two

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