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06-24-2013, 04:55 PM
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Why are you all surprised? We knew he was looking for $5M/year. If you expected him to take $4.5M you are dreaming, especially after the year he had. Someone talked about him flaming out the last part of the season, well who didn't. We were in a playoff spot and lost something like 10 out of 11.

I'm not saying we pay this guy huge, but he's earned his pay. This smells like Smyth all over again, saying $5M is Sooo expensive. It's a 500k difference between sweet spot and overpaid? We're talking 0.8% of the cap here in difference.

Pay the man. Enough with the penny pinching BS. If we've made the decision that he's a part of the core going forward then we live and die by that. If not, trade his rights. If you think we can find a 2C this year in FA or trade that's worth less in cap space and assets than what we have right now then why is it even a question? The reason is we have no options, and he knows it.

$5M is what he'll likely get over 4 years.
$5.5M if he pushes for it, but likely only 2-3 years. And that type of deal will likely sour the relationship between both parties.

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