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Originally Posted by Guess What View Post
Amtrak and NJT would throw fits if they're moved to predominantly LIRR track. The NJT service to NYP Is all catenary, I'm not sure if all the LIRR used tracks are. I don't even think the Arrow 3 MU's or the PL42 AC units have shoes. LIRR and MN 3rd rail shoes are different in the sense that LIRR's go over and MN's under, IIRC. That's the reason why Amtrak doesn't use GCT anymore. MN M8 and M2 MU's can do both, yes. Depending on what tracks are used, they'd have to be careful of arcing with the catenary wires because HHP8 and ALP46 units are beasts. This probably means the Arrow 3 MU's are going to be retired soon as well

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