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06-24-2013, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
All I have asked you is if a "better" coach would have gotten better results. That is not a loaded question. It goes to the heart of your argument.
The cups yes and no is kind of dramatic. A better coach would get better results, hence better coach. If a better coach doesn't get better result, then what makes the coach better? I just don't think the question makes sense and why did you put quotations around "better"?Are you suggesting that a better coach according to me isn't actually better and so you've use the quotations? If that's the case, the better coach (in my opinion) would in fact produce better results by logic and if you disagree with the notion that a new coach is better, then I would assume you would then disagree that a better [different] coach would not be better. I just can't make sense of the question.

Would a better coach have won us a cup, maybe, maybe not, cups can't be won because you've made a coaching upgrade and I think everyone would answer the same if they were realistic.
Would a better coach have produce better results? By logic, yes.

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