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06-24-2013, 06:07 PM
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Originally Posted by kevindank View Post
The fact they offered him makes me think they are just gonna unload him before the season starts, hopefully thats not the case. Really like Matt Read and hope he is a part of the team going forward.
Matt Read has a few things that most of the others players on the team dont bring. He can play ANYWHERE (well except defense and goalie ) and not look out of place. He looked good when on Giroux's wing and even on Couturiers. He can play the PP, PK, center, RW, LW, anything really and NOT look bad doing it. Read might not be flashy but when he is out there you dont get worries he is gonna suck because honestly, he is pretty consistent out there inregards to not making boneheaded mistakes. He is smart in that sense.

From the beginning when he was signed and I saw him play in the AHL people here were laughing when the 3-4 of us said he would make the team. He just looked and played right in Lavy's system. Guess thats one of the reasons why I think Raffl has a good shot. I didnt see him play like Read but most accounts are he plays very similar (Raffl is faster but not "overall good" like Read). If Raffl made the team I think I might be the only one that guessed it haha.

That being said though, if an offer came by, I'd be up for it if its good enough. If someone is offering the 15th or so I'd probably jump on that because I do believe that there might be atleast ONE young guy (from the likes of McGinn, Akeson, Noebels, Flanagan, Straka, Raffl, etc) that could step in and play well in a #9 roll. Not up to Read's standards but maybe good enough.

Baring some extreme luck and offseason moves, I think the team will make the playoffs, but I dont think they will win it.

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