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01-07-2004, 01:16 PM
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Ok so Perreault is not a Sutter-type player... but being a UFA he won't cost Calgary many assets, and half his 2.8M price tag has been paid by the Habs now that we're at mid-season.
We might even be willing to pick up a little more salary, if it comes to that.

If they're concerned about the health of their centers Perreault provides them with good depth... a faceoff specialist, and a PP specialist.
When all their centers are healthy it might allow them to move one of them to the wing and upgrade the lineup that way.

Calgary has an actual shot at the playoffs at the midway point... I wouldn't be surprised to see them make a few minor deals to improve their chances to get some much needed playoff revenues.

I don't think they have the means, assets or budget wise, to even think of going after Bonk.

A report earlier this season had Gainey interested in Gauthier... so this is not the 1st rumor about our supposed interest in him.

Which obviously leads us to the question... don't we have enough left D men already?
Souray is a sure keeper, Bouillon is just filler for now, the long-term choice would have to be between trading Markov or Hainsey. This makes sense because they are both puck moving, offensive minded, not overly physical D men, and Gainey might believe one of those is enough one each side.
Besides what's the point of having two more offensive D men on the left side when Souray is the one who will get all the PP time?

I think they want another bruiser on the left side... Gauthier fits the bill.
On the right side we'll have Breezer for offense, then Komi and Rivet/Quintal for muscle.

Making such a move might give Gainey that extra asset he needs to land a big center... or any other improvements he's looking to make up front.

I'm not saying the rumor is true, only that it does make a measure of sense if you look at it that way.

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