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06-24-2013, 10:20 PM
Paul Bunyan
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Name: Paul Bunyan

Age: 28

Location: St. Paul, MN (caught between two zip codes)

Fav All time Minnesota players (Wild or North Stars): Modano, Hatcher, Dino, Jack Carlson, Broten, Bobby Smith, Boogaard.

Fav Current Wild: Cullen, Mitchell, Konopka (comedic effect), Clutterbuck.

Fav Non Wild Players: Phil Oreskovic, Nick Oslund, Adam Estoclet, Riley Emmerson, Ben Youds, Todd Griffith, Carter Hutton, Adam Keefe, Maxime Tanguay, and any other Minnesotans or kids that played for the U.

Fav Wild Prospects: Zucker (though he may not count now), Haula, Lucia.

Fav Non Wild Prospects: Minnesotans not in the Wild system.

Fav Movies: Too many to list - Last of the Mohicans and Braveheart are likely at the top of my list though.

Music: I listen to more stuff than anyone else I know. Icelandic reggae to Japanese rock to Croatian Hip Hop so....this list would also take way too long.

Hobbies: Administrator of an Online Soccer Forum, moderator of a Boxing Forum, Amateur Boxer (soon to go pro I hope), Strongman, Trivia (I need to find a team here) and a bunch of other stuff.

Fav food: Steak Pie.

Fav Beer: Guinness. Otherwise too many to list really.

Fav Wild moment/how I became a fan: I was born a Minnesotan so I had my teams set up. Followed Dallas after the North Stars left then when Minnesota got a team back, immediately went back to my roots.

Though if it happens again in any sport, I'll just quit watching that sport for good. I couldn't take another move.

How long I have been a Wild fan: Since 2000. Earliest North Stars memories I have are watching on TV in 1987 (though I was taken before then) and going to games in 1988 (that I remember).

Origin of screen name: Minnesota's own.

Married?: Nope.

Kids: Nein. No pets either.

Jerseys owned: I have more than 50 I think? I have an entire list, but I won't post it here. These are all the ones I have that are Minnesota / Wild related:

Original Wild white, Original Wild Green (Kuba), Wild Red (Boogaard), Wild new white (Cullen), Wild 3rd Green (Clutterbuck). North Stars 1973-1974 Throwback Home Jersey. St. Cloud state from 2006? U - Home, Away, 3rd from 2006?, U 3rd 2011 (Patterson), U 3rd 2012 (Bjugstad). Those are all replicas.

Game worns - Toledo Walleye 2009-2010 White - Alec Richards (from MN), Toledo Walleye 2011-2012 Black - Cameron Cooper (Mankato), Toledo Walleye 2011-2012 Black - Riley Emmerson (Wild draft pick),
Toledo Walleye 2011-2012 "Real Fish" - Riley Emmerson, ECHL All Star Team 2012-2013 All Star Game – Mike Lee (Roseau / Huskies), 2012-2013 Orlando Solar Nick McParland St. Patrick's Day Jersey, USA 2006 IIHF World Championships White – Patrick O'Sullivan, USA 2006 IIHF World Championships White – Ryan Suter, USA 2013 IIHF World Championships White – Erik Johnson

That should do it....

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