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06-25-2013, 01:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Herby View Post

Three consecutive seasons Stoll went through one of those droughts, it's not a slump. He is just not an offensive player, his offensive game is totally gone. You can't count on him to contribute anything offensively.

I am confused, do you not agree the Kings need to have three lines capable of generating offense, or are you happy with a King-Lewis-Stoll 3rd line again next season?
You are not understanding what I am saying.....

Third line players Score at that pace...LEAGUE WIDE....

They may be two teams Pitt/Boston.

That has third line players scoring at unusual rates.

Stoll scores at a third line player pace......

Bolland does as well.

What Third line player are you envisioning Herby ?

They typically don't score more than 35 points.....

You think Stoll can't score that ? He was on pace to beat that this year. With the Majority of his scoring coming 5 on 5.

That should be encouraging to anyone.

If you people think that Third line players Score 50 points a year......

That doesn't happen....

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