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06-25-2013, 01:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
I'm envisioning getting even a goal or 2 from our bottom lines.

I see guys like Kruger, Bolland, Shaw, Paille and Kelly scoring big goals in this series. And I look at our bottom six, Stoll included, and I didn't see anything like that from our guys.

You are right, the Kings do need Brown and Kopitar to return, obviously. But even if they do return, no one is winning a championship with zero offense from the bottom six, and that is what LA has with Stoll, King, Lewis, Clifford, Fraser and Nolan.

Our bottom six is a glaring glaring weakness.
And was a Strength during the Cup run...

You can't predict what happens year to year.

The trend for Stoll is on the up though, he scored the majority of his points 5 on 5, He was on pace to meet or exceed third line player scoring....

Would anyone predicted that Brown and Kopitar would be complete no shows ?

And that Drew Doughty would play the worse series of his post season career ?

With the Cap , you are going to have holes, the Kings holes are Wingers, and Depth in Bottom Six.

A rookie is not going to replace what Stoll brings PERIOD.

It's not going to happen folks. He takes two times the draws Carter/Richards takes.

There would be constant *****ing about how the Kings don't have the puck next season.

I would have loved Lombardi not paying Stoll 3+ million. But he did it.

Bolland makes 3.3mill

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