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06-25-2013, 01:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
That is why the Stoll extension last summer was incredibly short sighted and poor on DL's part. He should have gotten the same deal Penner got, you bring the Cup team back together, while giving both guys a chance to redeem themselves, and if they didn't the Kings wouldn't be between a rock and a hard place with the cap.
A center that can do various things is more valuable than a winger that doesn't do various things. When Penner isn't scoring in the regular season, what is he doing? Sitting in the press box it seems. At least Stoll can win a faceoff and kill a penalty.

Maybe Lombardi can't bring Stoll back for the same exact deal as Penner. Don't bring Stoll back at all then. Who replaces him? Some other free agent you have to overpay in money or years? A prospect who may not be ready?

And maybe your right, there might not be a market for Stoll. But what does that tell you about Stoll and what teams think about him and what hes making.
At the same time, there might be a market for Stoll. What would that say about him? Other than he must be gotten rid of right away.

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