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06-25-2013, 02:05 AM
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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
One losing season in their rookie year is a losing culture? Thats an incredibly lame counter.

I'm still utterly amazed anyone still thinks teams intentionally set out to suck bad enough to draft high for several years in a row. They don't. Its due to one of two things; Crappy ownership/crappy management or the team is financially strapped. Sometimes both are in play. None of those teams really get out of that rut unless something changes as was the case with both the Pens and Hawks. Plus their good fortune to win draft lotteries to get one of the studs on their teams.

You know what happens when things like crappy owners/management or a teams financial situation doesn't change? Those teams continues to pick high and they continues to lose.

As is the case with the follow teams;

*1 playoff appearance in 12 years of existence.
*11 top ten picks
*5 of them were in the top 5.

*2 playoff appearances in the last 13 years
*9 top 10 picks
* 5 of those picks were in the top 5

WPG/ATL franchise
* 2 playoffs appearances in 13 years
*10 top 10 picks
*5 of those picks in the top 5

NY Isles
*5 playoff appearances in 13 years
*8 top 10 picks
*6 of thsoe picks in the top 5

Yet none of these teams are anywhere near being Cup contenders nor will they be any time soon and they are losing cultures. There are other teams with not quite as drastic a run of sucking that have picked high a few times and have gone no where as well. But based on the arguments of some on here these teams should be dynasties by now.

The reality is the Pens and Hawks situations were basically lucky flukes and situations that broke perfectly for each franchises. They're not repeatable scenarios. The sooner posters realize this the sooner they will stop clinging to a fantasy.

EDIT: Sorry for the rant its not directed at you specifically. I just used your post as a jumping off point.
It comes down to ownership/Management. You draft elite players and then they put a team around those players. Any idiot can draft a Mackinnon, but how do you build around him and will ownership allow you to build around him?

I am anxious to see what happens with Islanders. A cheap organization with a star, will they put enough around him to win consistently. If Pegula were in buffalo in 2005 the Sabres would have been a great team for at least 5-6 years instead of 2 just because of ownership. the dismantle would never happen. Its also possible the Sbares would be able to sign guys like Parise, Suter, and Richards because the whole organization would be viewed differently. Funny how that works.

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