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06-25-2013, 07:34 AM
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If they put me in charge of game presentation (and really, they should ) here would be my first priorities for improvement:
- New HD scoreboard, which would always show the game during play and which would focus on replays of important/controversial plays during breaks
- Live organist on the Zamboni
- Set a 50/50 limit on live vs. recorded music
- Play a broader mix of genres (Pop, Classic/Hard Rock, 80s, Electronic, Alt & Garage Rock, ...Disco?), and emphasize local acts, instead of just constant top 40.
- Pick a unique and distinctive, preferably local, goal song (I vote "Let's Go Crazy" by Prince but we've had this topic many times and there are lots of good choices)
- Turn out the lights over the crowd during play (as much as IDGAF about the NBA, the Lakers had a pretty badass idea there)
- Mighty Mites/Timbits at the first intermission, every night
- Live local music on one of the raised corner platforms at the second intermission, every night
- Either use the greens full-time or create a new green home jersey that will age better than our originals––as much as they were cool for their time, they used a lot of design elements that already seem super dated. Ditto the reds w/ the (cool but ultimately kind of faddish) circle crest.
- Create a dedicated, permanent discount college section

Redo the game intros to be more exciting: revamp the music selections, play the damn Wild anthem, incorporate the physical space of the arena into the design (use the lighthouse, ribbon boards, etc), keep the lights lower and use more targeted lighting, use a little fog and lighting inside the tunnel as the players are coming out, use full-ice projection and possibly player tracking for video effects, etc etc etc. Look at Habs intros for an example of a team that does a good job of balancing the sense of tradition/history with some flashiness and effects.

And if we're really pushing our luck here, have Throwback Thursdays (or whichever day of the week they think it'll be the biggest sales boost) with:
- North Stars jerseys
- Two small N* logos at center ice, and only sell on-ice ads to companies that provide a vintage logo
- Dot matrix score and time
- Older music choices and higher %age organ music
This isn't a "go back to being the North Stars" thing. It's just about creating a fun night to honor their legacy

I feel like there's just so much room for improvement in ways that wouldn't cost much, would be completely uncontroversial if not well-received, and would go quite a ways toward selling more tickets and establishing the gravitas, tradition, and "legitimacy" of the kind of frustrates me that nobody in the organization seems willing/able to put in what would really be a pretty small amount of effort. It's possible to do spectacle in a way that enhances the hockey instead of distracting from it.

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