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Originally Posted by Paul Bunyan View Post
This is going to put the thread off topic, so I won't go down the sports entertainment argument line.

HOWEVER, I've been to the War Memorial in Johnstown. I went there in 2011 when Wheeling played Toledo, we did a big road trip, and our seats were on the glass behind the goal. Your feet start where the glass begins, which is about halfway above the net so I could talk over the glass and scream at players, and all that. We sat on metal chairs next to the goal judge who was sitting on the same metal chairs as we were, the goal lamp on the other end of the rink was a Bud Light sign (no joke).

That's the most "old school" type of just hockey that you'll get now.

Half the scoreboard from like 1975 didn't work, so you had no idea who had penalties or what the score was for one team.

We just sat there, in probably the best seats I've ever been in or ever will be in during my life time, watched the game, during the game that end is also a bar, where people just go behind the one row of chairs we were in, so we talked old school hockey with people from the area and stayed about two hours afterwards doing that and then walked out into a blizzard and back to the hotel.

It was one of the best experiences of my life, but now it's all marketing at those levels. Johnstown is a relic, a time and a place that looks like it hadn't changed for 40 years (even though they put in new seats from when they filmed the movie).

That's what you are looking for, but it doesn't really exist anymore, except there or amateur teams or things that are so low level they can't afford to do it.
Very envious what a great trip. Don't get me wrong I love going to games but sometimes its more like a circus. Must be getting old.

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