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06-25-2013, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by llamapalooza View Post
- Live local music on one of the raised corner platforms at the second intermission, every night
I agree 100% with everything you said, BUT I think that might make for fewer concessions, so I don't know if that one would be as smart financially.

I feel like there's just so much room for improvement in ways that wouldn't cost much, would be completely uncontroversial if not well-received, and would go quite a ways toward selling more tickets and establishing the gravitas, tradition, and "legitimacy" of the kind of frustrates me that nobody in the organization seems willing/able to put in what would really be a pretty small amount of effort. It's possible to do spectacle in a way that enhances the hockey instead of distracting from it.
Agreed 100%...this would not be a big effort and would really be huge for bringing in new STH's. The team's presentation is incredibly stale.

Yes, technically it should be all about the product on the ice, but if all I wanted to do is watch a hockey game, I can do it on TV. Live sports has to be entertainment. But I don't mean as a distraction to the game. It should enhance the game and contribute to the atmosphere.

When I first went to a Wild game in 2006, it was incredibly exciting. 15-20 games later, it's worn off a lot. I turn down free tickets because it's a hassle to get down there and feels like they are half assing it.

Twins stepped up their game, Wolves are renovating their building, Vikings are building a new stadium...Wild need to follow suit. Updating the scoreboard and presentation will keep the place strong for another 15 years.

The building itself is still in great shape and I don't think they'll have to get a new arena in the usual 30 years...I think they can keep the X for 40, maybe 50 years. But it will have to get some updates every now and again to stay fresh.

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