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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
I agree to a large extent. I think the best way to build a hockey team is commit to a style of play and then stuff the roster with the 20 best players that fit that vision.

Above all else, this is what bothers me about Sather. He has no vision - and even if he references it, its usually a vague comment about how the best teams that particular season are built.
I agree, but I think you can go too far in that direction as well, and that's sort of what we saw with the 11-12 team. We had a team that was built to grind, play stellar defense, and edge out 1 goal wins in low scoring games. That's fine when you're playing a different team every night, but in a 7 game series, a team is going to learn that you're a one-trick pony and it makes it exceedingly difficult to steal those games like you normally do.

Ultimately it boils down to finding the right group of players that is willing to bust their ass every game. That, and the fact that you need to find players that will play well together. That's the one thing this team seems to be incapable of doing. We bring in huge names without any real consideration of how they'll fit with the players around them. Nash and Gaborik finally got their playmaking center, but not many people thought his name would be Derek Stepan. Jagr gelled with Dubinsky, not Gomez or Drury, and we spent $14M to figure that out. I can't even begin to understand how management can be that inept.

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