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10-18-2006, 08:29 AM
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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
His pairing plays tough minutes. They have trouble when the play is wide open. Carbo/Jarvis seem intent on using them in key situations. They don't have a problem in set situations, on the pk, last minute, when the odd man rush doesn't come into play. I hope they find a way of insulating them from the Briere's and Bergeron's of the league, the quick shifty types. Obviously the staff trusts them, or at least considers them the best option.
Souray's 5 on 5 minutes have been diminishing since the Ottawa game. I believe he played the fewest five on five minutes of any defenseman last night, which is quite something considering the injuries to the defense.

I didn't see Souray make any major blunder last night. He had trouble moving the puck on a couple of occasions behind the net, but nothing serious. And he was a huge asset on special teams (strong on both PP and PK). Plus, what he added in intimidation and team toughness was invaluable in a game like last night's where I felt Montreal not only matched, but wound up exceeding Calgary physically (much to MTL's detriment penalty-wise).

So, last night was a game I thought Souray played extremely well and was a presence, and the coaching staff made the necessary adjustments in handling Souray's ice-time to make him as good as he can be.

On another note: Komisarek was a beast last night.

EDIT: I forgot Souray's major blunder came on that Kobasew goal, where Souray went towards the point to give Phaneuf another smack. That was stupid.

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