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06-25-2013, 01:50 PM
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You are absolutely correct about pretty much everything. The culmination of EVERYTHING can give a pretty decent increase, especially in open worlds.

But IMHO most of the gains that are noticeable are in the ability of the artists, and art direction. And I think we're hitting a hard wall pretty soon with talent drain.

Add onto that higher consumer expectations, and graphical demands, in shorter turnaround times, with smaller budgets. Studio's already have trouble retaining top end talent, many of them are just leaving the industry.

During the PS2 days, It took me a week to make a character. ON the 360/PS3 days, it takes me a month. Working on nextgen, well... I'm now asked to do 400% more attention to details on textures, create 12+ different textures and texture masks up from 4.

Games still cost $60, and we're certainly not selling 4x the units from PS2, despite nearly 400% increase in development budgets.

CliffyB really gave a rant that IMHO hit the nail on the head:

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