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10-18-2006, 10:34 AM
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Mac, better to keep ones mouth shut and thought a fool than to open it and PROVE it.

Not every Canadian Organization is classy. Hearing a Canuk Coach scream obscenities at Pee Wee's, Pull a kid sitting on the bench off onto the walkway behind, Break his rink diagram clip board on a kids helmeted head....There are the types on both sides of the border.

We also had one Canadian team come to Tourney in Rochester last year pretending to be a team they were not. The team that had gained entry, a tier II Pee Wee, could not make the date. So the Coach from the absent team gave the slot to the Age bracket above that was Tier I. All the kids jerseys had the name plates covered by the team business sponsor. This was all discovered by the hotel staff who over heard the team Coaches discussing the situation should the roster be challanged by the Tourney organizer. These guys actually had faked documentation prepared. The best part, it was immediatly reported to the organizer. The following game was the championship game for the age bracket. The Coach was called at the hotel and told that because of their stellar play the organization wanted to do something a little "extra". They were asked to come to the rink 2 hours prior to the game start. Once in the conference room, the parents were asked to pair up with each of their kids. Photographs were to be taken and they needed to sign a standard release for commercial use. The parents had to show a picture ID. These names were documented and then compared to the roster/game sheet. NONE of the parents last names matched that of the child. These kids had forged the signatures of the missing teams members. Needless to say the team was expelled. The organizers had already contacted the 3rd place team and had them ready in the locker room preping for the championship game.

You can dress a pig in a suit but it is still a pig...

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