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Originally Posted by syz View Post
The industry (particularly in the west) seems to need to learn how to keep their wallet in their pants every once in a while...

The mid-tier game doesn't exist in America anymore. Probably time to consider bringing those back. Why spend 65+ million on Kingdoms of Amalur? Recognize that it's generic and give it an appropriate budget.
It's simply not as easy as you might think.

This is VERY low wage, for low production costs, on a low-budget game:

To add a character in this game:

So.. what would KoA do?
Have crappier looking art?
Smaller/Shorter game?
Don't go with Orchestral sound, and bad voice actors?
Worse animations?
Cut some key features?
Cut back on QA so there's a lot more bugs?

Keep in mind, that game scored an 81 on Metacritic, which is a VERY respectable score. Each feature you cut might subtract 5% from that score.

And data shows, there is a DIRECT correlation between these kinds of games, and meta-score.

But yeah.. a LOT Of industry figures believe everything WILL be shifting to tablet/casual.

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