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06-25-2013, 03:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Moses Doughty View Post
And sure, Chicago may have won because their big guns did better. But in no way were they not much better on the bottom 6. Their bottom 6 could produce points. Our top full time point scorer on the bottom 6 was Dwight King who had 5 points in 18 games. A 22 point pace over 82 games.
You don't use playoff scoring then project it over an 82 game schedule to make a point because that just paints a ridiculous picture.

As an example, Brown had 4 points in 18 games so he's on pace to have a whopping 18 points in 82 games.

Originally Posted by Herby View Post
You are right, the Kings do need Brown and Kopitar to return, obviously. But even if they do return, no one is winning a championship with zero offense from the bottom six, and that is what LA has with Stoll, King, Lewis, Clifford, Fraser and Nolan.

Our bottom six is a glaring glaring weakness.
Originally Posted by KingsFan7824 View Post
The Kings got some production from their bottom 6 last year, as well as their top 6. Teams that win the Cup get production from both sets at the same time. Teams that don't get simultaneous production do not. But you can't be sure year to year if it's going to happen or not.
I agree. Collectively the bottom six scoring didn't change much at all from last season when the Kings won the Cup. The decrease in scoring from some of their top offensive players, however, was massive.

Through Conference Finals in 11-12
Lewis: 1G - 5A
King: 5G - 0A
Stoll: 2G - 2A
Fraser: 0G - 1A
Nolan: 1G - 0A
Richardson: 1G - 0A
Clifford: 0G - 0A

Total: 9G - 9A = 18 Pts

Through Conference Finals in 12-13
King: 2G - 3A
Lewis: 1G - 2A
Clifford: 0G- 2A
Fraser: 0G - 2A
Stoll: 0G - 1A
Richardson: 0G - 1A
Nolan: 0G - 0A

Total: 3G - 11A = 14 Pts

That's a 4 point difference for the bottom six players.

11-12 Kopitar: 6G - 9A
11-12 Brown: 7G - 9A

Total: 13G - 18A = 31 Pts

12-13 Kopitar: 3G - 6A
12-13 Brown: 3G - 1A

Total: 6G - 7A = 13 Pts

That's a 58% decrease in production from 31 to 13 points.

You look at the other players and they didn't have nearly as steep a drop off. Some even increased their scoring and it's not even counting the bonus scoring that Toffoli provided with 2 goals and 4 assists.

11-12 Doughty: 2G - 8A
12-13 Doughty: 2G - 3A

11-12 Penner: 3G - 7A
12-13 Penner: 3G - 2A

11-12 Williams: 2G - 9A
12-13 Williams: 6G - 3A

11-12 Voynov: 1G - 2A
12-13 Voynov: 6G - 7A

11-12 Carter: 4G - 5A
12-13 Carter: 6G - 7A

11-12 Richards: 4G - 7A
12-13 Richards: 3G - 9A

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