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10-18-2006, 11:22 AM
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In regards to JP36, I find it amusing that you jump all over him when all he is saying is what people were saying last year and before this season started. Ryder on any other team, 3rd line... garbage goal scorer, only scores on PP, etc. Now since he is playing simply amazing, people are starting to take notice and completely changing their tune.

Ryder this year is like a madman on a mission. He gives 100% on every shift, looks twice as fast as last year even though that is physically impossible, is playing physical, and still has his touch around the net. Last year he showed us his dedication to the team by playing through the pain, potting 30 goals and still he was ridiculed and shunned by people on this board because he didn't (and according to them would never) live up to their expectations. They didn't seem to realize it was his second year in the NHL and he was still the leading scorer on the team. Trade him they said. Absolutely laughable if you ask me. All but forgotten are the the critizisms of last year and now everyone is on the bandwagon again.

I have always been a Ryder fan and never argued with his results. I am very happy he is back and even better than ever, and see a great season and career ahead!

Bah...cant argue with a Monctonian...nice post and welcome aboard!

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