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Originally Posted by SouthJerseyRanger View Post
I don't know... allow them to play it? When the Rangers WEREN'T constantly collapsing or playing ultra-safe-dump-it-in hockey, they excelled on the forecheck and wearing out the opposition down low. Look at the Pack Line from 2010-11. Dubinsky-Anisimov-Callahan would run around the offensive zone with the puck for up to a minute at a time. Hags-Richards-Gaborik showed glimpses of this, as well.
Okay, blame Sather then for dismantling the Pack line players (Anisimov, Dubinsky), who elevated the play of Callahan. He traded them for a 1-dimensional scorer.

The Rangers collapse and play ultra safe because their group of forwards are terrible.

Currently constructed, with Nash, Brassard, Zuccarello, Hagelin, Callahan (guys who are already good possession players. Yes, Callahan excels along the boards more than open ice but it's still possession) and cultivating that attitude and style amongst the other forwards, they certainly CAN play a puck possession game. And they have to. This is three straight years now of being run down come playoff time and then allowing the other team unfettered and unchallenged chance after chance from up high.
False. Brassard, Callahan and Nash aren't good puck possession players in terms of advanced stats. You have Zuccarello, Stepan and Hagelin, who are decent at it. The rest of the roster is pretty much terrible at it.

No more. Time to be aggressive, get the puck, transition to offense, and use their talent to get some pucks in the net. 3-2, 2-1, and shootout wins can get you into the playoffs, NOT the Final.
So what you're telling me is that you expect guys like Hagelin, Callahan and Brassard to play a run and gun type system and somehow compete against the top groups of top tier teams like Pittsburgh with Malkin, Neal, Kunitz or Boston with Bergeron, Seguin and Marchand? That pretty much guarantees a loss in terms of match-ups. I think you may be deluded into thinking this core group of forwards are amongst the best in the NHL.

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