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06-25-2013, 06:32 PM
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Goalies and the Conn Smythe Trophy

Starting this here instead of the general forums because I think in having Hasek, and to a lesser extent Miller, we have a love affair with the concept of a goalie putting a team on their back.

Goalies have won the most CS trophies (16, tied with centers) to 9 for defensemen, and 7 for wingers. This seems ridiculous to me, especially given recent history. For as much as Tim Thomas and Jonathan Quick put up gaudy numbers, and were very, very good, what I also remember from those campaigns is the Bruins D being phenomenally good at clearing rebounds, and the Kings skaters making the opposition attack look downright sterile at times.

My preference would be that the last Conn Smythe winning goalie would be J.S. Giguere whose team seemed to want to do as little as possible in front of him. Granted I can see the flaw in accolades being dependent upon teammates sucking, but it seems ridiculous to so often lionize the goalie when a large percentage of their success is dependent on who's in front of them. (Or perhaps there's just a fundamental problem with trying to give out individual awards in hockey.)

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