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10-18-2006, 01:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Diogenes View Post
Do you take pleasure in exulting over misfortune? You seem to be having a miserable personal life, not to mention that you're exaggerating the Habs' problems. Maybe you're nostalgic for the days of the Three Amigos? Remember when local boy Théodore was being paid big bucks for embarrassing the Habs fans on (and off) the ice?

If you opened your bloodshot eyes you'd realize that the season is just beginning for both the Habs and Huet, the Habs have a fine record, they have at least 1 point in every game Huet has played, Ryder and Komisarek are playing great, Johnson is an excellent addition, and Koivu and Bonk look reenergized.
Agreed..and just to add to his comment about us paying a backup 3 mil...

Abby is getting paid about 2.2 per year. So essentially, what we got is approx 5 mil for two quality netminders...I don't think anyone can argue that what we got there is one hell of a deal

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