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Originally Posted by Coldplay View Post
Wow, how did I miss this thread? Time to get to work, impossibly hard to name just 10, but here's a stab:

1. Habsfan18
2. Andy ie Koseegin
3. montreal
4. Ohashi_Jouzu
5. hototogisu
6. LyricalLyricist
7. Blind Gardien
8. Monctonscout ie Carey Price
9. Private Encounter ie CrimsonSkorpion
10. Jack Bourdain

HM: Watsatheo, LafleursGuy, Moen in Glory, Kriss E, Marc The Habs Fan, InglewoodJack, Dwight, Turtleneck Plek, Hackett, Jee, Miller Time, Analyzer, Sports1131, Yarfangor, Frank Drebin, MXD, le_sean, Whitesnake, overlords, Le Tricolore, ECWHSWI, HarryI, THE HOFF, E = CH² and countless others. I wish we had a top 100. Anyone in my HM could have made it onto the Top 10. I feel bad even leaving people out of the HM.
I got a HM despite not posting more than once every few months in the last three years. My work here is done.

Here's my top 10 (in no particular order):

- Jee and Seb. They are the stars of this board, bar none, for better and for worse. Our own Sedin twins.
- Whitesnake.
- Ohashi_Jouzu
- montreal
- Jack Bourdain
- LyricalLyricist
- Andy
- Habs10Habs (we miss you and your nearly-constant sanity)
- Coldplay
- MoenInGlory

HMs would take too long, there's lots of quality posters on this board.

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