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06-25-2013, 07:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
They are a good team that used board-play to create puck possession game and had a ton of players had cold years shooting wise (Gaborik in particular). A lot of that can equate to their top pairing and top line, which played marvelously for them (Hags-Stepan-Nash, Zuccarello, McDonagh-Girardi). I don't think they're far off, but I think they would be much closer with Anisimov and Dubinsky. I am not sure how Brassard will work as a full time 2C with his lackluster possession numbers in Columbus, but we'll see how it goes.

They are what they are, a 2nd round foddle team to a better team like Boston.
I agree that the team needs more depth up front; I'm hoping that Fast, Lindberg, Miller, Thomas, MSC, etc can provide that depth sooner rather than later. The Rangers may lack a true high-end prospect, but they have a lot of players who will almost certainly be effective NHLers, whether they're top-6 players or not.

Regarding Brassard, I'm of the belief that puck possession is more team-based than player based; if Brassard was on Chicago those years instead of on a bottom-feeder like Columbus, those numbers are likely looking a lot, lot better. Hell, put him on NY the past few years and I bet his possession numbers look better.

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