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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
Alright, so the bonus cushion works by taking the max amount of potential cap hit should the player achieve the bonuses.

So Schenn's cap hit is actually 0.90m, but if he reaches all of his bonuses, it is 3.11.

When I make my tallies, I usually disregard the cushion and just put all my ELCs at their actual cap value; aka 0.90m for Schenn.

However, our 4.18m in space currently (that everyone is talking about) is not considering the bonus cushion. Really, we have more space than that.

However, when some players reach their bonuses, it gets tacked on the next season if not used on the season when they actually reached their bonuses. The Flyers would be over had they tagged the bonuses Couturier and Schenn got last year on last year's limit, so they moved them to this year at a cap hit of like 0.18 or something. That was already factored into that 4.18 number.

Once Schenn and Couturier get their next contract (bridge contract), their ELCs will be over and that cap hit will be a hard cap hit.
That's what a thought, so Homer does need to keep some of this new found space for Schenn and Couturier.

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