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Originally Posted by MikeD View Post
Hank, your league sounds like it has it all worked out. I like the idea of a general draft. None of the adult leagues here do that. No doubt about it on the Canadian love of hockey. I recall watching my sons team as a mite playing the Fort Erie All Stars team. A full hour of scrimmage and Our team did not put on shot on net. The FE coach would rattle the door latch and the kids would fly into line changes on the fly like little pros. They played a solid positional game with crisp passing and strong skating ability. My little guy faced 57 shots allowing 5 goals. After the game the FE coach came into the locker room, went straight to my son, shook his hand and walked straight back out with out a word. Its something my little guy has and prob will never forget. The team dominated in all aspects, showed great sportsmanship and were a credit to Canadian hockey, for sure.

Even here in the buffalo area, you know that to face the best competition you have to head north across the border. Not to slight the local American teams. There is skill(Tier I) but over all it isnt as well developed at any given age bracket as we see from the Canadian organizations.
Yeah, it's a great league and the redraft every year really keeps the league interesting, fun and politely competitive. Of course, there's always a few meatheads out there but a LOT less than in other leagues I've played in.

And I'm delighted to hear about how a Canadian team represented itself well. Like you mentioned in an earlier post that's not always the case.
I've seen some Canadian teams head south of the border and act completely devoid of class. It's embarrasing.
In the end it all depends on the coach of the team. I've seen some coaches that were complete idiots while others conduct themselves with dignity and take into account that it's still a game and it's children that are playing it.

P.S. It sounds like your son did you proud that game. 57 shots is a lot for an adult let alone a young kid. Kudos to him. I hope he continues finding success.
I have a 3 year old son and I just got him his own pair of skates. So far he thinks they're pretty cool to walk around in. Skating will be the objective over the next two years and then maybe minor hockey. I don't want to rush him into anything too quickly. The last thing I want to do is sour his taste for my favourite sport. But so far he seems to like it.

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