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06-26-2013, 12:13 AM
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Originally Posted by KlimasLoveChild View Post
Bwahahaha....walkin on pretty thin ice on this one..........every year is virtually identical except for his second year dip and this last season which was quite the improvement if all you look at are ppg. You have to realize that each .01ppg doesn't even amount to a point over the coarse of a season...I think you basically disproved yourself...[/]

I guess going from -17 to + 5 while slightly improving points is not improving.

Absolutely ridiculous. We get it, you don't like Gagner. To say he has gone stagnant at 23 is outright crazy.

He, like most other players will improve significantly physically, offensively and defensively.

I bet most of the people who think he is a "smurph" can't even skate and give up 40 pounds to Gagner.

You should probably wait for a rational thought before you cherry pick a random stat which when examined closer doesn't support your cause. I would also suggest you go back and read a few posts back before you pop off.

I wouldn't say I dislike Gagner, I like his atitude. I just don't like the prospects of the team I cheer for employing him as a #2 center at 5mil per for the foreseeable future. I'd like them to win the cup again in my life time for god sake.

My previous post was simply pointing out the fact that using his ppg to show he has had a steady progression of improvement is ridiculous. Five stagnant years in ppg with one shortened year where his ppg spikes. This is suspect at best.

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