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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
But the problem isn't simply that Carolina needs defense and there may not be better guys available. Coburn + 11 I imagine would NOT be the best offer they receive. Coburn + 11 + next year's first? Maybe, maybe not. Carolina may need defense, but if someone offers them two first rounders and an NHL roster player (or more), it wouldn't be as cut and dried. When you are talking about a guy like Drouin falling, the number of the pick is less significant. Yes going from 11 to 5 normally won't cost you that much, but going from 11 to 5 to pick Drouin, when likely a good chunk of other teams would be trying to move up, is going to cost a pretty penny. One that I don't think the Flyers could or should match. For instance, I would be willing to bet that a team like Calgary or CBJ with multiple first rounders would easily come up with a better offer to get a guy like Drouin.
I think you are overvaluing Drouin a bit. He is still just a prospect. Draft trades is more else the value of the pick not the player. If he falls to 5, the bidding is for the 5th pick not a predraft top 3 talent. Just cause the guy has predraft hype doesn't mean that is his value in a trade. A good example would be Cam Fowler. He was a top 3 talent his draft year but fell out of the top 10. Does that mean if someone wanted to draft him at 7 as he fell, they would have to pay a top 3 ransom. No, they would have had to pay the price to move to 7. So would Calgary pay 2 first round picks to move up 1 spot? Would Columbus offer all 3 first round picks to move up 9 spots?

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