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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I don't know. There is a difference between pre-draft hype on a guy like Fowler and pre-draft hype like Drouin. Outside of the top two in that draft, I don't remember people being too excited about the depth. Fowler was never as highly touted as Drouin (other than being ranked the same). If you are trading to move up, typically it is for the value of the pick, unless a guy like Drouin falls. The reason is because there are going to be a ton of teams interested. If Monahan or Lindholm falls to lets say ten, there won't be a bidding a war because the interest won't be from as many teams. Simple supply and demand, no?
True there is a supply and demand element to it but your are under the assumption that Drouin is ranked at such a high level above guys like Monahan or Lindholm on teams' boards just because his ranked so high on scouting serivces. If he falls to 5, the scouting services are already wrong about him. If he is #1 on a couple of teams boards, there could be a bidding war but when has a draft spot got a kings ransom in picks/players? Not Pronger, not the Sedins, not Fluery. Lindros is the only one I can think off. The other question that needs to be asked is the difference between say Drouin and Nurse two 1st round picks and Coburn in scouts eyes? or Drouin and Wennberg?

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