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06-26-2013, 10:01 AM
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I own the Mako shinguards and upgraded from Reebok 9K shins.

I bought them shortly after they came out and have not regretted getting them for a second.

The Reeboks always fit well for me, but the straps always seemed a little short and uncomfortable, and though I didn't mind the bulk, I wanted to move more away from the bulk if I could while maintaining protection and comfort.

I tried some Bauer Supremes, just to try something really different, and didn't like it at all. They were very fitted and just didn't sit right on my knee and shins. Plus, the length was too long for me. I wear 13"-14" reeboks, over the tongue and the 14" Supremes would dig into the top of my foot when I bent my knee to skate.

The Makos had intrigued me and looked like a good compromise of Reebok protection and bulk, with a slightly more tapered build. Turns out they worked for me perfectly. They fit great around my knee and shins and the straps are much better than the Reeboks in my opinion. The knee strap is actually slightly below the knee bend, and is elastic so you can tighten it a bit and still have give for comfort. The calf strap is also elastic but wide so it gives good grip but doesn't strangle the leg.

The Makos start of kind of bulky at the top buy taper down quite a bit as they go down. Whereas my 9Ks always took a bit of shimmying to get into my edge socks, the Mako's slid in without any effort. Protection is great too as I've blocked shots right off the shin and knee and haven't even felt it. And they have held up great without any signs of wear or breakdown and I use them 2-3 times a week.

Fit is of course personal, but if they feel good on your legs, I wouldn't hesitate getting them. They've been great for me.

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