Thread: Review: Montreal M60 OPS
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06-26-2013, 09:22 AM
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Cut the stick down 1/2" before pickup yesterday and of course now it feels too short. But my passing is much better with the closed curve.

I will say this, I picked up the closed curve as an experiment to see about shooting low vs high and how that would impact my scoring. I've always had a great shot relative to my level of play (aka my skating sucks) and LOVE to shoot high, but my goalie told me to try shooting lower.

So far I've scored basically all my goals five hole or just above the pad. A couple times I've aimed low and scored (one of them in a shootout), and a couple times I've tried to shoot high but, because I'm used to the Sakic blade lie, I kind of flubbed the shot and it went in low anyway.

Focusing on shooting low, I'm seeing that nearly all the goalies I've faced are weaker in the five hole than anywhere else. It makes sense, because you play goal standing up and your eyes are up top. Shooting high must be easier for goalies to track and they don't have to move, just react to the shot and get in the way. But shooting low, they have to react to the shot AND they can't track the puck as easy AND they have to cover up the five hole.

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