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06-26-2013, 10:27 AM
jeff spicoli
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Originally Posted by dstoffa View Post
When the Rangers won the Stanley Cup, Greens were $23.

Just before the 04-05 Lockout, they were $40. Dolan promised that if the Rangers did not make the playoffs, prices would be reduced by 10 percent. So even though there was a season w/o hockey, he kept his word, and for the 05-06 season, greens were $36.

Here is the price breakdown by year for old 312. At some point, section 312 became a "center ice" section, and commanded an extra two or three dollars per game than end-ice 300's.

05-06 $36
06-07 $43
07-08 $49
08-09 $56
09-10 $60
10-11 $60
11-12 $63

For 12-13, my buddy and I were relocated to 222, Row 12, on the isle between 222 and 223. Price was $73.

Those seats should be available for upgrade. I recommend that anyone considering isle seats in Row 12 DO NOT TAKE THEM. They make the plexiglass obstructions in Citi-Field look great.

The photo was taken from one seat in... The aisle seat is MUCH worse. I am also 6'5", so if you are of average height, even the handrail will block a considerable amount of ice.

I am now seated elsewhere. (Can't advise of inventory available, as I did not handle our upgrade. 1979 tenure, btw.)

Agreed with the comment about the aisle seats in row 12. I sit in row 12 in 223, and have sat in the aisle seat to get a look at the view from that seat. The plexiglass/railing combo is tough to watch the game through.

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