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06-26-2013, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by jeff spicoli View Post
Agreed with the comment about the aisle seats in row 12. I sit in row 12 in 223, and have sat in the aisle seat to get a look at the view from that seat. The plexiglass/railing combo is tough to watch the game through.
If I wanted to watch hockey through glass, I'd watch it at home on a nice HD Flat panel at a fraction of the cost. If my seats could not be moved, I was out. I will say that the only good thing about those aisle seats in Row 12 was the leg room, as you were just above the knuckle, and had nothing in front of you. And you can get out of there in a hurry... But no way justifies paying their asking price for that seat....

When my buddy took our rep to see the seat, she said, "Wow!" and took a picture....

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