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06-26-2013, 11:00 AM
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First: I think it is naive to say that Poile is not a patient man. You can disagree with my comments on it being a blessing as well as a curse, but his actions and personality type is that of a patient man. This approach can be clearly seen in the management of this team.

Second: using an example of an underperforming forward, with uninspired play, forcing Poile's hand with a trade request does not disprove that Poile is a patient man. I realize he could have ignored the request. To counter that, an argument could be made that he waited to long on a player who was uninterested in playing for the Predators this year. I see both sides of the argument and believe Poile did quite well.

Third: Anytime you publicly announce players will not be back with the team, you weaken your bargaining position. DP can easily backtrack on this and simply qualify the two. I hope that he looks to trade them at the draft and qo them prior to losing them if he finds no takers.

Fourth: Blum has clearly driven his own bus into the mud. He has himself to blame. Hali - meh - I just think he is your typical grinder who is in Trotzs doghouse. My point on the matter is merely this: these are assets that have been devalued due to the waiting/patience. I can understand the decisions in a vacuum. However, collectively, this occurs on a wide basis. We hold on to assets generally, and this policy sees many devalued. JMO.

I think DP is a good if not great GM - please do not hear what I am not saying.

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