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01-07-2004, 04:32 PM
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Originally Posted by JR#9
Exactly Brook!!!!!

Aside from the great and very vaild point BR makes, all these people calling for a hard cap are out of their minds as it could never work properly with the structure of revenue coming in.

No CENTRAL revenue source that can be whacked up evenly b/w all 30 teams that can only be provided by a huge national TV deal means that it becomes a rob from the rich to give to the "poor" or at least the owners who whine the most about paying out to the help.

The very best all these people can hope for is a luxury tax, and it will be a weak one at that similar to Baseball where it's a similar situation that teams are resonsible for generating their own incoming revenue and alot comes from local cable deals.Same situation will bring a very similar result IMO.

Why can't it work, it's worked in the NFL. Teams like the Cowboys have been able to go from good to worse to good within a decade. The Cowboys have more money to spend that any other team but they are restricted to building through good management decisions. They are on the same playing field as the other NFL teams but they are smarter. you can't buy a championship, you need to build a good neucleus. Are you telling me in the NBA a team like the Knicks have benefittted substancially "in the standings" by being allowed to go over a cap figure with the only penalty being a "tax". Then have no manuverablilty, are forced to take on bad contracts all the time for young cheap talent that they have no patience to wait for. I'm sick of both the Rangers and Knicks making the same type of transactions. OH, what a coincidence, they are both owned by the Dolans. The same Dolans that are robbing all NYC cable owners at every chance they can get. Bad management to the extreme.

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