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10-18-2006, 04:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Mike8 View Post
Well, this is true and false. Size has a lot to do with fighting, but a smaller player may overcome it if they have unique qualities (in Domi's case, a leather face).

Komisarek holds on a lot in fighting. Iginla's more abrasive and throws 'em more naturally. Komisarek's more of a hugger who likes to rag-doll. I'd say Komisarek's significantly stronger than Iginla, and has a larger reach, so he couldn't be beaten by Iginla very easily. At the least, he'd take more punches than he'd give, then hang on. So we'd give the edge to Iginla, but not much else.

On the flip-side, if Komisarek came into the fight and got some leverage early, I could see him toss a couple of jabs then really use his size and reach advantage to overpower Iginla.

Either way, the fight wouldn't be pretty, but no fight with Komisarek really is.
I don't know about the "significantly" stronger part. Iginla lost weight, but he didn't lose any strength. Weight doesn't always commute with Strength, in fact I'd be willing to bet that Komisarek isn't the strongest player in the team. I don't think Komi could do what Chara did to McCabe 2-3 years ago, and just toss Iginla around.

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