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06-26-2013, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by RDriesenUD View Post
We need to draft BPA. I still don't know why some think we should only draft forwards. A big part of why the Reds are good now (though they aren't right now ) is because they draft BPA. They drafted a 1B (Alonso) in 2008 even though they had Votto. They drafted a C (Grandal) in 2010 even though they had drafted a C (Mesoraco) in 2007. They drafted a CF (Ervin) in 2013 even though their top prospect is a CF (Hamilton).

I know MLB isn't exactly the same as the NHL, but the Reds got better by taking who they thought was the BPA. They traded some of them to get guys like Latos. Others they have kept. Look at their 1st round success.

2004 - Bailey (Reds)
2005 - Bruce (Reds)
2006 - Stubbs (Indians)
2007 - Mesoraco (Reds)
2008 - Alonso (Padres)
2009 - Leake (Reds)
2010 - Grandal (Padres)
2011 - Stephenson (MiLB)
2012 - Travieso (MiLB)
2013 - Ervin (MiLB)
Its just a philosophical difference. Some of us think you should draft to your needs, within reason. I don't think its unreasonable to expect a 1st round drafted forward to be on the ice with the big boys 2 or 3 seasons after the draft. I also understand the BPA approach and it has its merits, I just think our lack of top 6 forwards and depth/youth on the blueline dictate we use these picks to bolster the offense.

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